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We all carry a lot of baggage, thanks to our upbringing. The majority of people carry with them, an entire series of self-limiting beliefs that will absolutely stop, and hold them back from, success. Things like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not lucky enough”, and the worst,

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Nitin Verma

Chief People Officer

Charan Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Gaurav Raghuvansh

Senior Product Developer

Nikhil Pal

UI/UX & Product Head

Shweta Shrivastva

Manager Technology

Rohan Pal

Manager Technology

Shakti Shrivastva

Mentor & Media Head

HK Verma

Director & Global Head

Abhishek Rai

Manager Technology

Shreya Gupta

Junior Developer




Walkout 10 years into your future and feel how it feels to carry on doing the same thing.

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